Disarming the Darkness

  • Publish Date: 1998-01-01
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Calvin Miller
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Some people dismiss the devil as a schoolboy's myth, not to be taken seriously. Others indulge in aggressive 'spiritual warfare' at the least sign of sin, temptation, or doubt. Offering a more balanced approach, Disarming the Darkness brings a sound scriptural basis to understanding the dynamics of spiritual warfare. Respected author and teacher Calvin Miller recounts his own experiences with spiritual warfare and shows how we can overcome the influence of evil in our personal circumstances. He keeps us from two extremes: either burying our heads in the sand to the activity of demonic forces or becoming overly preoccupied with them. Miller shows who the devil s and what he is doing -- and outlines Christ's victory over Satan and his angels. The author confronts the deepest and most subtle sources of temptation: money, sex, and power. He also demonstrates ways our own pride can be a stumbling block. He shows how a subtle lust for personal power can blind us even as we 'combat' with formulas that smack more of magic and incantation than scriptural faith. And Miller offers guidelines for discerning the true source of the evil we encounter in ourselves and in others.