Hegel: Texts And Commentary

  • Publish Date: 1977-12-20
  • Binding: Paperback
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Herbert Marcuse called the preface to Hegel's Phenomenology one of the greatest philosophical undertakings of all times. This summary of Hegel's system of philosophy is now available in English translation with commentary on facing pages. While remaining faithful to the author's meaning, the translator has removed many encumbrances inherent in Hegel's style.

[Kaufmann's] lengthy commentary is a minor masterpiece of concise and erudite interpretation. This is a welcome departure from the lazy habit of pretending that Hegel was an obscure pedant who left some quite readable lectures on the philosophy of history. . . . To grasp what Hegel was really trying to do, one has to confront his metaphysics, and thanks to Kaufmann this an now be done even by the philosophical novice. The New York Review of Books