3 Generations of Success -Sicilian to American: Values for Immigrants and All Who Want to Succeed

  • Publish Date: 2008-11-26
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: John Bellecci
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Can immigrants successfully become part of our country? John Bellecci says yes, they can! And he proposes six values that are key to that success. Telling true stories about three generations in his family, John details how these values contributed to the Bellecci's success in their adopted country. Any family can find encouragement and guidance in these stories. You will find a philosophy that can improve your own life situation, whether you are an immigrant or a descendant of forced immigrants, whether you feel trapped in poverty or are a middle class American whose ancestors have lived in the United States for many generations. But are there too many immigrants? Not if they are willing to follow the values presented here, says Bellecci.Any type of business, any employer, or neighbor or school system would welcome the immigrant or citizen who adheres to these values.