A Boy From Cape Cod

  • Publish Date: 2007-04-26
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Timothy Burns
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When he was a child, author Timothy Burns' parents thought that moving the family to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, would give their children a better place to grow up, rather than the mean streets of Boston. But they were wrong. Burns chases his own version of the American Dream for most of his life. When he immerses himself in the seemingly glamorous sex- and drug-fuelled Hollywood lifestyle, his dream turns out to be a nightmare that almost kills him. Burns survives multiple drug overdoses, dozens of arrests, the deaths of many friends, a contract on his life from gangsters, and being stalked by Satanists in Hollywood.From turning twenty-one in prison to partying like a rock star five years later, and from creating a potential multimillion-dollar business to eventually plunging into LA's nefarious underworld of criminals and gang life, A Boy From Cape Cod chronicles Burns' life, near death, and everything in between.