A Biography of Boyd Shaffer: Artist/Naturalist

  • Publish Date: 2004-10-18
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Sher Williamson
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A Biography of Boyd Shaffer encases the life history of a man who describes himself as an artist/naturalist, and yet he has fulfilled almost everyone of his dreams from studying art at the Sorbonne in France, being employed by Walt Disney, leading eco-tourism safaris in Africa, to teaching art and biology at the University of Alaska until just recently retiring in Belize.The author, Sher Williamson has gathered everything possible to include in this writing, for to her it is what makes up who Boyd Shaffer is. She doesn't believe blood runs through this mans veins, rather she believes it is the purest waterfall of dreams which flow through him. Flowing dreams filled with shimmering streams of interest, knowledge and experience throughout an entire lifetime of achievements.A Biography of Boyd Shaffer is also collection of memories (a scrapbook) of his 78 years of endeavors and experiences.He has filled many roles: artist, educator, mentor, naturalist, and world traveler. He has turned his life long passion for nature and his intimate knowledge of art into breathtaking photos.