Coloring Book For Men: Beer Designs (Volume 2)

  • Publish Date: 2016-08-14
  • Binding: Paperback
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Beer Coloring Book

In this beer coloring book for adults, there are many beer designs and sayings that will give you hours of coloring fun! This is a fantastic coloring book for men or any adult who loves beer!

In Wine There is Wisdom; In Beer There is Freedom; In Water There is Bacteria This is just one of the witty sayings you will find in our Coloring Book for Men: Beer Designs. You are sure to chuckle all the way through this beer coloring book while you are coloring away your stress!

Your buddies certainly wont make fun of you for taking up a girly hobby when they see your beer drinker designs. In fact, theyll probably ask for a colored pencil, grab a beer, and sit down to color too! Coloring isnt just for women anymore!

Beer Lovers Coloring Book For Men

This beer coloring book is a tribute to the revered, ancient, and most excellent beverage ever created. Beer is one of the oldest beverages humans have ever produced. Beer is believed to have been produced up to 7,000 years ago! God bless the ancient man who first produced the wonderful beverage of beer!

When ancient man saw a bubbling, fermented vat of grain that had been rained on and left out for too long and said, You know, that looks tasty. I think Im going to try that frighteningly smelling sludge. If he had not been so courageously willing to sacrifice his taste buds and digestive system, we might never have had what we have today as our modern beer. And that is a scary thought!

Beer Coloring Book For Stress Relief

Coloring books for men help guys lower stress. If you are a man in the modern world, you probably have a lot of stress on a daily basis. There are pressures and demands for you to succeed and keep the bills paid! If you want a way to relax and destress, this is the adult coloring book for you! Men can benefit from stress relief too. Coloring isa mindful hobby that can provide healthy benefits for men just as it does for women. Coloring is universal and non-gender specific!

In our culture, men will most likely not treat themselves to a pedicure or go to a spa for a massage the way women will. When youve had a bad day, and you need to chill out and rejuvenate, what do you do? You drink beer! Why not add some coloring to the mix? Coloring helps you relax and increases your creativity. Its also a lot of fun. Grab this beer coloring book for adult men (21 and older) and color away your stress! This coloring book for men makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for dads, sons, uncles, brothers, grandpas, or male friends!