GOING GOATEE Facial Hair Design Idea Book: INCLUDING Goatees, Moustaches & Beards

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If you are considering going goatee...

(or creating some version of a facial hair signature look using any combination of goatee, beard, and moustache), get this guide today. It is full of ideas and styles from the men that came before you.

What did President Lincoln, Wild Bill Hickok, Czars, Kings, Kaisers, Politicians, and Killers all share in common? See for yourself!

Whether you are seeking to look cool, look menacing, shave less, stick it to the man, attract more attention, attract less attention, or anything in between, this proven guide by goatee master, Ira Jacob Jones (aka Dr. Goatee) is exactly what you need to start your journey.

If you're looking for a book on how to shave or groom, this definitely isn't it. This guide has zero advice surrounding how different styles of facial hair can complement long faces, thin faces, round faces, fat faces, square faces, droopy faces, hard faces, soft faces, et cetera. And NO advice on actually shaving, or razors, or techniques, or dos and donts, or skin care.

This guide is pure styles and ideas with none of the nitty gritty stuff to cloud your mind. We are only interested in the big picture.

Think of this guide as a blank slate and a style book all rolled up into one. It is the Book of Ideas from which you will get concepts and notions that will eventually transform your facial hair into a signature look all you own. The goal is to open your mind to ideas and styles and possibilities.

Read on and let's get Going Goatee!