Ayurvediya Kriya Sarira: A Text Book of Ayurvediya Physiology

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Pages: 779 (34 B/W Illustrations)


Late Prof. Dr. Jyotirmitra, former H.O.D. Dept. of Basic Principles, Faculty of Ayurveda, I.M.S., B.H.U. the torch bearer, has guided me at every step. He always inspired me to work for presenting the Ayurvedic knowledge hidden in Sanskrta literature in such a easy manner, which may prove useful to all, in this era of globalization. I have got no words to express grattitude to him. I feel sarrow that today he is not bodily present to bless me. My mute reverence in offered in his feets.

Dr. S.P. Gupta former director of Ayurveda and Unani services UP has been my honourable Guru, in the subject of Ayurvedic philosophy. His continuous inspirations have guided me to collect and explain the various references from Ayurvedic Samhitas and other ancient literature and the book Ayurvediya kriya sarira took shape.

I am heartily indebted to my father late Vaidya Pt. Shrikrishan Kumar Mishra, who took the expansion of Sankskrta and Ayurveda as the mission of his life. The heartily blessings of my mother late Smt. Lavangashri Devi an embodiment of religion and culture have enabled me to serve Ayurveda and Sanskrta.

The time for social as well as for writting work is accumulated from the curtailment of the family duties and responsibilities only and any such work creates huge discomfort and difficulty to all the family members. I have been lucky enough in this field and can not dare to lessen the gratefulness of contributions and gratefulness and silent sacrifices of my life partner by expressing it in words, as her hidden support has been the greatest power of my successful life and especially in fulfilment of the present and so many other such works.

I pay my heartily blessings to my son Dr. Vivek, daughter