Motorcycle Drag Racing Secrets

  • Publish Date: 2011-05-26
  • Binding: Paperback
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Motorcycle racing is a fascinating sport and with these tips and techniques, you will win more races, go faster and make your time at the track more fun! This book is not just for drag racers. It is for anyone that races a motorcycle. It is a great read for the beginner and intermediate drag racer and seasoned Pro's have included their race tips. Learn how to prepare your bike and yourself for the best E.T.'s and most consistent passes you can make. Included throughout are special Drag Racer Secrets and Race Tips . If you want to take your motorcycle racing to the next level, bring home more trophies and money, this book is for you! Included with the book is a special bonus section - How to Make your Bike Fast For Less Than $1000 Enjoy the Special Racer Tips Section for interviews with some of the nations top motorcycle drag racers such as Rickey Gadson, Richard Gadson, Dustin Lee, Larry Spiderman McBride, Chris Hand, Keith Lynn, Ray Price, Jeremy Teasley, Ryan Schnitz, Rudy Sanzoterra, Johnny Dobrin, Eric Paquette, Walter Sprout, Don Chavous, Ron Arnold, Rob Bush, Ben Knight, Greg Neal, Bob Carlson, Dave Page, Rich Vreeland, Janette Thornley, Bill Warner, Ashon Capo Dickerson and many others. Mark E. Dotson has set or reset 47 Land Speed Records including 4 World Records and is the winner of The Fastest Street Legal Motorcycle for 2012 in the Throttle Nation Street Bike Shootout at 223.8! His top speed is 229.35 which earned him the title, The Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle in the Standing Mile.