The Twichell Manuscript - Volume I: Aether Gravity

  • Publish Date: 2011-12-21
  • Binding: Paperback
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Aether Gravity is an amazing new theory that explains gravity and many other phenomena. This theory could very well lead to the Grand Unified Theory. Because the theory is based upon the fact that matter is absorbing the space around it, or the aether around it, the theory then allows explanations for plate tectonics and the inner-outer core mechanism of the Earth. It also explains Supernova and black holes. It explains the Pioneer Anomay, the Allais Effect and the Coriolis Effect. The theory explains all of the smoking guns of General and Special Relativity without using any math. The theory is not based upon math, but simply the pure and easy to understand logic of a pressurized and mechanical system. This book could possible mean the end to over 100 years in frustration in the scientific field which has led to fruitless searches for a good understanding of gravity. This truly is an amazing theory and a must read for any science lover and especially for science professionals, such as astronomers and physicists.