Dingoes For Kids

  • Publish Date: 2015-08-10
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Rachel Smith;John Davidson
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Table of Contents Introduction What is a dingo? How do dingoes act? Where did dingoes come from? The history of dingoes and humans Culture and dingoes Prey of dingoes Dingoes as pets Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction The dingo is an Australian animal that has been there for a very, very long time. Lots of people hear the name, but most dont know much about them, except that theyre dogs. But what is a dingo? How is it different from pet dogs? And is it one of those crazily different Australian animals? While the dingo is not a marsupial like the kangaroo or wallaby, it is still fairly unique, like most animals that are native to Australia. By the end of this book, you will have learned a lot more about dingoes than most people know.