Private Practice Preparedness: The Health Care Professional's Guide to Closing a Practice Due to Retirement, Death, or Disability

  • Publish Date: 2016-02-10
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Anne Marie "Nancy" Wheeler JD;Rob Reinhardt LPCS
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Is Your Practice Prepared to Be Closed Due to Emergency, Disaster, Illness, Death, or Retirement? Private Practice Preparedness. Health care professionals are so busy caring for others that tending to the business aspects of their practice is a challenge. Despite emergency planning being an ethical requirement, it is often overlooked. Without it, those left to pick up the pieces are directionless. Details like contacting patients, billing for work, or accessing Electronic Health Records and other computer systems can significantly hamper closure. With proper planning and organization, greater crisis can be avoided. Private Practice Preparedness: The Health Care Professional's Guide to Closing a Practice Due to Retirement, Death, or Disability provides the information and tools to ensure a smooth transition of care. Beyond the scope of a personal or professional will, Wheeler and Reinhardt share information, as well as tools to collect and organize such materials. In-depth descriptions of the roles of the Emergency Response Team for closing a practice, their duties, and templates to assist in carrying them out are included. All tools needed for anyone in private practice to respond to an emergency thoroughly and quickly are laid out in this book. The true power of this book likes in the downloadable templates ncluded in the purchase. These templates, also included in the book, help you collect and organize important information needed for someone else to run your practice. Tying all of this information together is the Step-By-Step Guide to Closing a Practice. This guide can be used to efficiently locate all information required to run, and close, your practice, if necessary. The templates provided are useful in an emergency, and also: Locating important information on a daily basis Training new employees Planning in advance for retirement and/or sale of the practice Topics discussed include: Identifying people to be on your Emergency Response Team The concerns around selecting a loved one as the responsible party taking over practice operations Handling the transfer of records, both paper and electronic HIPAA/HITECH Billing and financial records Computer and Software considerations Other points of consideration Once you've purchased and registered the book, you will have access to the following templates, which are customizable for your practice: Templates for Closing A Private Practice including Records Custodian AgreementPractice Reference A record of all important information about the practice Records Custodian Agreement Sample Retirement Notice Sample Closure Notice Sample Telephone Message Computer & Software Inventory Step-by-Step Guide to Closing a Practice