The Naiad Chronicles - Vision: Book One (Volume 1)

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Book one of The Naiad Chronicles quartet, Vision is a high-fantasy for teens and adults alike, featuring a comedic, light-humoured twist.

As war threatens to break out between the elven clans, an even more sinister force is at work; the dragons, the source of all Naiad's magic, are disappearing. When a group of strange soldiers arrives from the north, the balance of nature begins to tilt and the clairvoyants are swathed in visions announcing the return of a potentially deadly foe - the Phoenix.

It's up to the half-bred elf Paolini and his enigmatic human companion Dustin, along with Dustin's adopted dragon Kiki, to find and solve the mystery of the diminishing dragons, and end up witnessing the recreation of a force the world had long since chosen to forget.